P & Co Bad Vibes Collection

Few lifestyle brands are quite as prolific as Coolector HQ regulars P & Co when it comes to releasing new collections and though many brands let their standards slip the more they release, it’s fair to say P & Co just keep on getting better and better and this is really rather admirably illustrated by their latest selection of wares that goes by the name of Bad Vibes.

The Bad Vibes Collection from P & Co takes its design inspiration from the pioneering, devil may care, road-tripping attitude that we all crave when the summer months come along and the cracking line up of tees, sweatshirts and other accessories are instantly going to appeal to those who are already fans of P & Co as they share the same awesome illustrative designs but will also likely deliver plenty of new fans who are won over by the bold, striking visuals.

Bad Vibrations

Boasting unparalleled style and some of the brand’s boldest visuals to date, the Bad Vibes Collection from P & Co introduces a whole host of new designs into the mix and all of them will look most at home on the bike of a motorbike – a theme that typically pervades the majority of the brands tees and accessories. This magnificent new collection offers plenty of new pieces to be enjoyed and, if you’re anything like us here at The Coolector and love vibrant, graphic T-shirts, this Bad Vibes range is just the thing.

The P & Co Bad Vibes Collection of apparel is the culmination of months in the design studio and the attention to detail and intricate new designs have definitely resonated with us here at The Coolector and we suspect that this new range might just be the lifestyle brand’s best to date. If you’ve got the road trip mentality in your blood and planning to hit the open road over the next few months, T-shirts and accessories like those which are to be found in the Bad Vibes series are an absolute must.

Stylish, aesthetically superior and crafted from extremely comfortable materials, the T-shirts that form the cornerstone of this new range from P & Co are going to become the mainstays of your wardrobe rotation over the next few months (until the inclement weather of winter makes tees an unviable option). We’re loving the stand out visuals and understated fronts to these T-shirts in the Bad Vibes range and this newly launched collection is sure to fly off the shelves.

Colour is Key

What is noticeable about the Bad Vibes Collection, in comparison to P & Co’s previous offerings, is the introduction of a number of vibrant colours but they’ve kept things traditional by making use of some of their most iconic phrases throughout the new range so you’ll not be too far outside of your clothing comfort zone when you opt for some of their new pieces.

P & Co are definitely one of our favourite apparel brands here at Coolector HQ and the fact that they so consistently produce the goods so far as their new collections are concerned is mighty impressive indeed. If you’re getting ready for summer and want some top notch typography and illustration inspired tees in your wardrobe then you, sir, need look no further than Bad Vibes.

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