New Balance 247 Sneakers

So far as footwear is concerned, we’ve all got brands that we inevitably gravitate towards and, for us here at Coolector HQ, it’s New Balance. You can hardly blame us when they release so many great collections and limited edition offerings and the latest to have caught our eye is the superb looking New Balance 247 Sneakers.

These glorious sneakers from New Balance are the perfect balance between style and comfort and, as with all New Balance footwear, have a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from the competition. The 247 Sneakers are designed with the contemporary man firmly in mind and boast a raft of features that are definitely going to appeal to those after an awesome new pair of sneakers to ring in 2017.

Colossal Comfort

New Balance are a brand famed for delivering a mighty comfortable sneaker and the 247 is no exception. This striking footwear is crafted to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life and built to last so, if you’re like us and positively wear your sneakers into the ground, you’ll be glad to hear that these excellent looking ones from New Balance are going to last a while.

The 247 Sneakers from New Balance are so named as a nod to the 24/7 lifestyle of a lot of men today and how they are ready for anything 365 days a year. As another cool feature relating to the moniker of the series, only 247 pairs of these will be made and each pair comes complete with a luxury leather “passport” and carry bag.

Unparalleled comfort combines with impeccable style to deliver exactly the type of footwear we appreciate here at Coolector HQ and we’re pretty sure we’re not going to be alone in loving this latest offering from footwear giants, New Balance.

Exclusive Luxury

The fact that less than 300 pairs of these sneakers will be produced definitely adds even more to their already impressive level of appeal and you’ll definitely need to move quickly if you want to get your hands on a pair when they hit shelves early in 2017.

These New Balance 247 Sneakers are great to look at, boast an exceptional level of comfort and are reassuringly unique so they really are a triple thread on the appeal front. Another great example of why we’re such big fans of the brand here at Coolector HQ, the 247 Sneakers from New Balance have firmly propelled themselves onto our must have list for 2017.

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