New Balance x London Marathon 1500 Sneakers

Running a marathon is no easy feat that’s for sure and there is no piece of equipment more important for comfort and success than your choice of running shoes and that’s why we’ve had our heads turned by these brilliant looking New Balance x London Marathon 1500 Sneakers (not that we’ll be running a marathon any time soon).

The New Balance x London Marathon 1500 Sneakers are the result of relationship between the footwear brand and the annual race that dates back to the 1980s. They are carefully designed to ensure they deliver the sort of comfort and support that is essential when running some 26 miles and they boast an old school style aesthetic that is nod to this long-running relationship between the two.

Run In Style & Comfort

New Balance are a name that you can trust when it comes to quality and performance and that’s something which can certainly be applied to these New Balance x London Marathon 1500 Sneakers which hark back to the original 1500 which was designed by Steven Smith in 1989. This striking piece of footwear is crafted in the Flimby factory in the Lake District with a striking new upper that has a lightweight FantomFit cage surrounded by breathable engineered mesh for an perfect combination of comfort and first class support.

The brand new 1500 New Balance x London Marathon Edition Sneakers are ready and waiting to help you overcome any distance running endeavour from one mile all the way up to a twenty six mile marathon. Crafted upon the RevLite platform with an unobtrusive medial post for the sort of light stability which is a must for distance running, this update carries on the coveted and bold ride runners demand from their footwear.

With a vibrant visual impact to go along with the unparalleled running performance, these excellent looking New Balance x London Marathon 1500 Sneakers are going to impress on every level. If you’re planning on entering a marathon any time soon and want to get a first class pair of footwear for the job then these superb running shoes are sure to tick all of the right boxes and won’t let you down from mile one to mile twenty six.

Quality Performance

In terms of quality and running shoe performance, New Balance are tough to beat and we love when they engage in collaborative endeavours like this pair with the Virgin Money London Marathon. They are tailor made for running and everything about their design is geared towards delivering comfort and exceptional performance and its easy to see why they are proving a mighty popular choice amongst regular runners.

Costing £150, they are a well-priced, high end choice of running shoe for those who are serious about pounding the pavement and regularly run long distances. Wonderfully well designed to ensure their quality running performance, these are the sort of footwear that will help you keep on running when you hit the wall around mile 20.

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