Balnarring Retreat

Solitude, peace and quiet are all qualities that we look for from time to time but in a hectic household or office they are not always to come across so, if you want to enjoy these perks, you’ll likely have to create your own fortress of solitude and, quite frankly, we’ve seen few structures better suited to the job than this stunning piece of architecture that goes by the name of the Balnarring Retreat.

The Balnarring Retreat is the handiwork of Branch Studio Architects and is situated in Balnarring in the Victoria region of Australia and was completed late last year. This first class piece of architecture looks to be the perfect space to be used as a writer’s retreat or to just relax and get away from it all whilst taking in the great views across open waters afforded to it by its superb waterside location.

Relaxing Design

The spectacularly well conceived, designed and executed Balnarring Retreat immediately draws the eye with its minimalist aesthetic and striking use of materials and for anyone with a love of getting away from it all and spending some quality contemplation time, this is the perfect space to do it.

With a design that celebrates craftsmanship and the integrity of materials and shies away from the over reliance on technology, the Balnarring Retreat is a fine example of the sort of structure that those with a love of the simple things in life will appreciate. Don’t let its lack of technology fool you, however, this amazing construct is crafted from some of the finest materials and features an abundance of clever design features that set it apart from the competition from a visual and functionality perspective.

Amongst the cleverest of the design features to be found with the Balnarring Retreat is the fact that every wall in the structure contain components that manually fold, open and close which makes it possible to manipulate the space and alter the layout, look and feel of the building depending on how you intend to be using it at any given time. This sort of versatility adds significantly to the appeal of any piece of architecture but particularly so with the excellent Balnarring Retreat.

Fits in with Surroundings

When creating any piece of architecture, it is imperative that it fits in with the surroundings but when a structure is situated within areas of natural beauty like the Balnarring Retreat, it is even more important and efforts should be redoubled to make sure it integrates smoothly. You needn’t have any concerns with this excellent piece of design from Branch Studio Architects as every element – from materials used to the size of the structure – have been carefully considered and delivered in such a way as to fit in so majestically with the surrounding terrains.

Architecture of this calibre is something that should be celebrated and we’d love to have a space like this to work in here at Coolector HQ as we could think of few better settings to get the creative juices flowing than this. Brilliant design coupled with an impressive build means we can well and truly add Balnarring Retreat to the best bits of architecture we’ve seen so far in 2017 and we’re sure Branch Studio Architects will come up with plenty more over the next 12 months.

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