Balolo The Brick Wireless Charger

There are few things more irksome to us here at Coolector HQ than that of a cluttered workspace, chock full of wires and cables that make your whole desk feel more messy and less conducive to creativity. Well, so far as charging your smartphone is concerned, you’re simply not going to find a classier looking offering than the Balolo The Brick Wireless Charger which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The Balolo The Brick Wireless Charger comes from the same uber talented designers who have given a brilliant vintage style, wooden aesthetic to an array of tech devices such as the PS4 and Alexa. This latest offering is perfect for any creative workspace and is a premium wireless fast charger for your phone, which has been engineered in Germany and CNC-machined from solid American walnut wood and metal for a devilishly dapper finish that resonates with us here at The Coolector.

Elegant Design

Most wireless chargers today are quite mundane in nature but not so The Brick Wireless Charger from Balolo. This magnificent piece of design is wonderfully sophisticated, technologically superior and, perhaps most pleasingly of all, can be yours for just €59 during their Kickstarter campaign. Beautifully designed and robust, this fantastic wireless charger will fit in effortlessly with any workspace aesthetic and delivers the ultimate in charging performance courtesy of the first class materials and technology deployed throughout the design.

Technologically speaking, the Balolo The Brick Wireless Charger really is a cut above and has been designed to request the highest possible charging speed from your device and has optimised heat management that ensures that it always performs at its best. Most wireless chargers don’t charge efficiently because of their poor heat management which means they stop charging until the heat has gone down but The Brick from Balolo overcomes this with its innovative solid metal base which acts as the perfect heat sink that will charge rapidly and protect your smartphone battery from damage.

This stunning accessory is hand finished with natural oils and precision CNC milled for the eye-catching aesthetic you see before you. Available in a number of different styles and materials including brass and aluminium to suit your own workspace, The Brick Wireless Charger from Balolo looks set to take Kickstarter by storm, especially considering the €59 price tag. You have the opportunity to engrave your logo, initials or a slogan during the Kickstarter campaign to personalise proceedings a little.

Versatile Performance

Suitable for more or less any smartphone size or model, the Balolo The Brick Wireless Charger is a mighty functional and versatile bit of kit that’s going to be right at home in your workspace and will do an exemplary job of keeping your tech juiced. Another great feature of this awesome accessory from Balolo is the fact that they will plant one tree for each Brick Wireless Charger sold so you can be happy in the knowledge that you are helping the environment if you charge your tech with this.

Costing just €59 during the Kickstarter campaign, The Brick from Balolo is definitely the coolest and classiest looking wireless charger we’ve encountered to date here at Coolector HQ. For anyone wanting to ramp up the aesthetic appeal of their workspace whilst ensuring their smartphone charges rapidly and without damaging the battery, this is certainly our top candidate for the job. Head on over to Kickstarter now and bag yours for a bargain price.

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