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Of all the materials to make clothes out of, bamboo perhaps isn’t the first you’ll think of but brands like Bamigo are showing that it might just be the future. With a great selection of underwear, socks and tees to choose from, each made using bamboo materials, it’s easy to see why this UK brand is beginning to make waves in the world of fashion and they’ve certainly captured our attention here at Coolector HQ.

Bamigo offer an innovative line of men’s apparel made using bamboo fibres. Their excellent, handmade clothing is breathable and offers unparalleled comfort day in, day out. Bamigo clothing is silky-soft, delivers a perfect fit and is of the highest craftsmanship calibre. This means that their top notch gear feel like a second skin and look effortlessly stylish. This innovative apparel lets the skin breathe, and helps to make sure that you stay feeling fresh throughout the day.

Material Matters

All of the superb apparel products from Bamigo are hand crafted using bamboo fibres. These fabrics use a mix of bamboo and organic cotton for enhanced breathability and comfort. For the very best quality and ideal fit Bamigo add polyamide and/or elastane. The brand is committed to the design of a sustainable alternative for cotton clothing and discovered the benefits of bamboo and use it in these classy, understated apparel line up.

Bamboo is considerably more environmentally friendly than cotton and that’s why it is used in the great line up of gear from Bamigo. To make one kilo of cotton, 8,000 litres of water is required. With that one kilo of cotton, only a single pair of jeans can be made. In contrast, however, bamboo grows naturally and needs no artificial watering and the shoots can grow a metre each day.

Bamigo’s collection boasts a great range of T-shirts, underwear, socks and loungewear that will be a much needed addition to your summer wardrobe rotation. Their T-shirts are available with various sleeve lengths and necklines which means they can provide the right shirt for every occasion and to match any outfit choice. Their range of underwear includes: boxers, trunks and briefs so, regardless of what you favour, they’ll have something that more than fits the bill.

Best Foot Forward

The Bamigo sock range consists of long socks and trainer socks so whether it’s for work or play, they’ve got you covered. Loungewear has become a staple of the modern man’s wardrobe and their superb looking loungewear offers truly unbeatable levels of comfort which you’ll be crying out for during this heatwave.

We love apparel brands that dare to be different and put innovation at the forefront of their thinking and that’s why we’ve got a lot of time for Bamigo here at The Coolector. Need some new, eco-friendly apparel for your summer wardrobe? The digital shelves of Bamigo have everything you need and more.

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