Bandit9 Jaeger Motorbike

So far as cutting edge motorcycles are concerned, the guys at Bandit9 are a cut above the competition in our opinion here at The Coolector. As is to prove this point, they’ve just released this amazing looking steed, the Jaeger, in collaboration with Royal Enfield and, if you love your two wheeled rides to have something about them aesthetically, look no further than this stunner.

The Bandit9 Jaeger Motorbike is essentially a sci-fi body kit which has been expertly blended with a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 motorcycle. This is the workshop’s third custom motorcycle made in conjunction with Royal Enfield. It marks yet another hand-crafted, ultra-limited, space age-inspired build from the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-based workshop.

Futuristic Aesthetics

As with all the creations from Bandit9, the Jaeger is being released in super limited numbers with just nine being made available to purchase. Unlike previous releases, however, the design is available as the whole bike or as body kit which you can install on your own royal enfield continental GT 650.

The Bandit9 x Royal Enfield Jaeger Motorbike has taken half a year to complete from the original concept right through to manufacturing, photography and filmography. To deliver its striking form, the main challenge was to extend the wheelbase of the royal enfield continental GT 650 without needing to alter the frame; the structure needed to remain the same so that the body kits could be universally fitted on to motorbikes by the clients. The end result also helps shave off 35lbs from the original weight making this a lightweight marvel.

Bandit9 had the issue that, without being p-0o overcome the issue of how to extend the original swingarm without touching it, everything fell into place and resulted in the stunning Jaeger Motorbike that you see before you now.

Old Meets New

There is an undeniably futuristic look and feel to this Jaeger Motorbike from Bandit9 which perfectly marries the classic, old school cool of Royal Enfield’s steeds and brings it well and truly into the 21st century – perhaps even the 22nd. We’re big fans of the creations of Bandit9 here at Coolector HQ and this Jaeger offering is one of their most technically and visually impressive to date.

If you’ve been following the work of Bandit9, you’ll know just how exclusive and sought after their releases are and the Jaeger is certainly no exception. Futuristic and highly innovative in its design aesthetic, we can’t wait to see what else this Vietnam based workshop comes up with next.

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