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Of all the electronics brands out there, Bang & Olufsen are, without question, a cut above when it comes to the design of their wares and the sheer aesthetic superiority of their products really does set them apart from the competition. Not one for resting on their laurels, however, Bang & Olufsen couple their impeccable design principles with a drive for delivering functionality and flexibility through the creation of products that are geared towards modern living.

Bang & Olufsen have teamed up with supremely talented designer Paul Cocksedge for their latest showcasing of products, all centred around the brands ethos of ‘Flexible Living’ and he speaks of how the product design of the Bang & Olufsen products ensures that they fit in with your way of living as opposed to vice versa.

Living Flexibly with B&O

One thing you simply know you’re going to get with any Bang & Olufsen product is visual excellence and a product that fits in superbly well with any interior design aesthetic. It’s all well and good looking incredible but this needs to be backed up in the performance stakes too in order to deliver the sort of Flexible Living that the iconic brand strive to supply with their range of audio and visual products.

In this feature made alongside designer, Paul Cocksedge, a number of Bang & Olufsen’s latest and greatest products put in an appearance including some real favourites of ours here at Coolector HQ. Check out some of the best below:

BeoSound 1


With flexibility and functionality being the aim for Bang & Olufsen, there are few products that hit this objective better than their gloriously well crafted and technologically superior, BeoSound 1. Superb portability coupled with 360 degree sound make this the ultimate in sound solutions and it’s not difficult to see why those homeowners with a minimalist design aesthetic opt for it in their own homes because it boasts an understated appeal like no other and a performance which is second to none. A 16 hour battery life and integration with the likes of Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn radio adds to its flexibility – as does the fact that the BeoSound 1 supports Bluetooth, Google Cast, AirPlay and DNLA.

BeoVision Horizon


In modern times, televisions are rarely made to be moved around the home but Bang & Olufsen aim to buck this trend and feed into their Flexible Living ethos with the BeoVision Horizon – a television like no other and one that lets you wheel it out when you want to use it and wheel right back when you want to reclaim that space. Undoubtedly a feature that will appeal to a lot of today’s technology orientated individuals. Boasting a customisable platform, which is Android out of the box, the BeoVision Horizon Television allows for the use of Apple TV. Additionally, your Sky box, DVD player, games console and other pieces that you’ll use your television for can be hidden away and all controlled with a single remote. Talk about flexible living!

BeoSound 35


Whilst the BeoVision Horizon doesn’t require a sound bar to deliver incredible sound quality, it’s hard to ignore products as excellent as Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 35 which provides exceptional connectivity alongside its top class sound quality to help Bang & Olufsen achieve their brilliant ideal of providing the ultimate in flexible living through technological products. Designed to disperse sound equally around a room, the versatility of the BeoSound 35 is second to none and it can be placed anywhere in a room – even above a door should you want to – and it’s intuitive touch system design makes it incredibly easy to achieve the sound quality you demand. A real feather in the Bang & Olufsen cap and one of their best pieces of design.

Superior Design Quality

The quality of the products from Bang & Olufsen never ceases to amaze us here at Coolector HQ and we’re definitely on board with their campaign to make our gadgets and technology dovetail in with our own way of living and ensuring that we don’t have to make compromises to accommodate it. Flexible, connected and designed with aesthetics at the forefront of their thinking, all of the Bang and Olufsen products above are sitting pretty on our Christmas list at The Coolector – and we dare say we won’t be alone in that.

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