Studio Rik ten Velden Selectors Cabinet

Discovering functional furniture that also cuts it from an aesthetic point of view is typically a fairly difficult process but it needn’t always be as this great looking Selectors Cabinet from Dutch designers, Studio Rik ten Velden admirably illustrates.


We like our furniture to be understated and versatile at The Coolector and these are both traits that you’ll discover in abundance with the Selectors Cabinet. It’s striking from a design point of view but also offers the sort of storage and surface area that today’s homeowners demand from their furniture choices.

Clever Storage

The Selectors Cabinet from Studio Rik ten Velden has been purpose built with a certain demographic in mind – namely, DJ’s and vinyl lovers, looking for the perfect storage solution for their records. This cracking piece of designer furniture is  constructed with a steel frame and modular wooden cabinets for a bold, cool aesthetic that doesn’t impact on the functionality of the piece and delivers a genuinely versatile and stylish solution to a common storage requirement.



Compact visually but through the clever use of space, the Selectors Cabinet has sufficient surface area to accommodate two turntables on its top platform and space for records and other essential pieces of kit throughout its cleverly designed structure. It is the sort of piece that can be easily bought together with any interior design aesthetic and whether you use it for your DJing needs or just as a stylish and versatile piece of furniture, you know it won’t let you down.


Crafted from an understated wood that isn’t overbearing, the Selectors Cabinet from Studio Rik ten Velden uses a composition of modular cabinets to deliver the impressive amount of storage that it offers and for any homeowner seeking a great to look at and wonderfully versatile piece of storage for their home, this ticks our boxes as we’re sure it will yours.

Dutch Design

Rik ten Velden is a furniture and product designer based in Leiden, Netherlands who has a real eye for good quality design and craftsmanship and this is something that is highly evident in each of his pieces but it is the Selectors Cabinet that has really captured our attention at Coolector HQ.


Well made and with more versatility than you can shake a stick at, this great piece of designer furniture stands out from the crowd and will unquestionably appeal to both DJs and non-DJs alike. A first class piece of design and craftsmanship.

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