Bang & Olufsen Play H3 Headphones

I think most people blindly accept their Apple headphones whenever they get a new iPhone or iPod and whilst there’s no doubting that they are an awesome set of headphones, this shouldn’t preclude you checking out some of the other headphones on the market and we here at The Coolector have been mightily impressed by the stunning looking Bang & Olufsen Play H3 Headphones above.

These advanced little headphones will enhance your listening pleasure considerably due to their impressive features which include the fact they are incredibly lightweight, having been machined from a solid block of aluminium and weighing in at a mere 13g. Designed by Jacob Wagner and available in three different colours (black, aluminium and red), the Bang & Olufsen H3 headphones definitely look the part and will not let you down from a performance point of view.


So, for anyone after a top of the range pair of headphones that aren’t a produce of Apple, then these supremely spiffing Bang & Olufsen H3 Headphones will hit the mark.

Price: £199

Available: Bang & Olufsen

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