Barack Obama Between Two Ferns

We’re rather large fans of Zach Galifianakis here at Coolector HQ and have been regular viewers of his, quite frankly hilarious, Between Two Ferns show on Funny or Die and, given the format of the show, were somewhat astounded to see him wangle an interview with none other than Barack Obama who more than holds his own against the Hangover funny man.

Whilst it’s obvious Obama is there to promote the new healthcare system in the States, he still has a great back and forth with Galifianakis in the entertaining episode which you can see above and you should definitely check out his other celebrity interviews as well because you’ll not be able to stop until you’ve watched them all.

Galifianakis is definitely one of our favourite comedy actors here at The Coolector and whilst he is perhaps best known for his role of Alan in The Hangover, we’re in no doubt that his Between Two Ferns show will soon be his most famed role.

Barack Obama is certainly one of the most charismatic US Presidents and its fair to say that you can’t imagine too many other presidents who would have kept Galifianakis in check as he does here and there is a hilarious final reveal in this video that was definitely worth the wait.

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