The Evolution of the Typewriter

Here at The Coolector we are of the opinion that typewriters are pretty ace and sort of wish that they were still the medium on which we tapped away of an evening but, lamentably, technology has made them thoroughly redundant but this doesn’t mean to say that we can’t still revel in their patent awesomeness and that’s something that you can well and truly do with this brilliant Evolution of Typewriter Print from Pop Chart Lab.

Typewriters have been around for an awfully long time and just because they are more or less obsolete in the internet age doesn’t mean to say that they weren’t impressive when they first hit the market and, over the years, there have been all manner of iterations of the typewriter each with their own merits and visual quirks and you’ll be able to take in how the typewriter has evolved over the years in this spiffing print. If you’re a writer or something similar and want something relevant to stick above your workspace, we dare say this excellent Evolution of Typewriter Print will fit the bill. Click the image below for the full-size image:


This exemplary and extensive print from Pop Chart Lab has over a century of typewriting construction showcased and will be the perfect gift for those who love all things vintage and refuse to let go of iconic pieces of equipment like the humble typewriter.

Price: $29

Available: Pop Chart Lab

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