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We’re all about our EDC here at Coolector HQ and there are certainly no shortage of brands to choose from when it comes to finding new wallets and accessories to add to our line up but not many have hit the nail on the head quite so much as Australian brand, Bare Bones, when it comes to the sort of aesthetic we gravitate towards. For those men after some classy, well made wares to add to their everyday carry line up in 2020, look no further.

Bare Bones have a small but perfectly formed selection of products to choose from which takes in wallets, sunglasses and awesome looking watches. Bare Bones are the brainchild of Paul Hanna who has always loved minimalistic and classic style in fashion. He strived to tackle the contemporary scourge of ‘pocket bulk’ with some top class minimalist designs and, with that, his awesome brand was born and they boast some of the coolest looking wallets we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ.

Wallets Laid Bare

If, like us here at The Coolector, you typically only carry around a few cards and seldom carry cash at all nowadays, you need a minimalistic, stripped back wallet for your pocket and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the awesome offerings from Bare Bones. There are a number of different styles and colours to choose from and every Bare Bones wallet is hewn from premium Italian leather with the highest quality craftsmanship. From day one, these classy wallets will be your most trusted travel companion. They are slim, but with space for fat stacks of cash if you still carry it, all your important cards, and they are overflowing with a vintage style aesthetic that it’s hard not to love.

It’s not just wallets that the guys at Bare Bones excel at, they also have a pretty stellar line up of sunglasses to choose from and, as we head into spring and summer, there is no better time to get your hands on a new pair. Regardless of your style, you’re sure to find a pair of Bare Bones Sunglasses that fit the bill and each pair draws inspiration from timeless classics in their design. The new range of Bare Bones sunglasses are impeccably crafted and deliver maximum protection from the sun’s rays. They really are ready for any adventure you’ve got afoot over the next few months and beyond.

Last but not least comes Bare Bones’ brilliant range of watches which again focus in on the minimalist vibe and will add to the aesthetic appeal of any man’s wrist no end. Devilishly dapper, these superb looking Bare Bones Watches are striking, but understated timepieces – and it’s square. Each is designed to inspire you to be present. Not to be counting seconds or clock watching, but to make the most of each moment.

Understated Excellence

We love men’s accessories that focus on doing the important things well and offer a minimalistic visual vibe that is no-nonsense and that’s why we’ve fallen pretty hard for all the top notch wares from the guys at Bare Bones. Whether it’s their brilliant bifolds or striking sunnies, there is something for every man’s collection here and we’ll definitely be looking to add a few pieces to our own collection here at The Coolector.

Great value, superb craftsmanship and effortless cool make the cracking wares from Bare Bones a real triple threat and it’s not hard to see why they’re proving so popular in their native Australia and, increasingly, overseas to boot. For those men who value EDC dripping in old school cool, this brand will be tough to beat and definitely gets two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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