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When it comes to cities that are positively dripping in style and effortless cool, it’s difficult to look beyond New York City, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that one of the most stylish series of minimalist timepieces we’ve encountered of late heralds from the Big Apple – and goes by the name of Barron Arden Watches.

Designed in New York but, as you’d hope for from your wristwatch, Swiss-made, there supremely striking yet wonderfully understated collection of timepieces from Barron Arden are unquestionably up our aesthetic street here at Coolector HQ and for any man in the market for a devilishly dapper watch this autumn, you really need look no further.

With the highly admirable objective of making Swiss made watches more affordable for the everyday gent, the great looking series of timepieces are not only supremely pleasing to look at, they’ve got some impressive features going on under the hood too. With a modern, yet classical, design that is sure to appeal, it’s little wonder that this new watchmaker is already beginning to make waves in the watchmaking industry. Check out a few more shots of their excellent timepieces below:






As you can see, the watches from Barron Arden are fantastically well designed and crafted using top notch components like Ronda 762 Swiss Movements, sapphire crystal glass fronts, stainless steel plating and various types of watch straps to suit your own personal style tastes.

We’re love our watches at The Coolector and brands like Barron Arden are unquestionably just to our liking because not only are they crafting some genuinely striking, understated watches that go great on any occasion, they are making them affordable as well which is definitely a win-win in our eyes.

Price: $279

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