Taylor Stitch x Fourtillfour Collection

We’re not going to lie, Taylor Stitch are one of our favourite fashion brands here at Coolector HQ and we’re always particularly excited whenever they released limited edition capsules like this awesome Fourtillfour Collection. Founded in 2007, Fourtillfour is dedicated to adventure, art and classic machines. Taylor Stitch have been buddies with the founder, Nico, since the early days so it only made sense to give him a shout when they were packed and headed to Arizona.

The Taylor Stitch x Fourtillfour collection is unified by a meticulously screen-printed ‘4’, the brand’s namesake, and a number found again and again in car mechanics (be it 4 wheel drive, or a 4 cylinder engine, to name but a few). Vintage cars, eye-catching design and the finest damn coffee in the American Southwest – that’s Fourtillfour. And Taylor Stitch and them are a match made in heaven.

Check out the best bits from the Taylor Stitch x Fourtillfour Collection below:

The Fourtillfour Ojai Jacket in Natural Reverse Sateen

The hard-driving robustness of a chore jackets meets the timeless elegance of a blazer with this fantastic looking Fourtillfour Ojai Jacketin Natural Reverse Sateen. Taylor Stitch have screen-printed the number 4 over the pocket and custom-embroidered “Sunday Motor Club” on the rear of the coat as a nod to their collaboration with the team at Fourtillfour.

This finely tailored canvas jacket delivers a dash of versatile style to your daily wardrobe rotation. We love chore coats here at Coolector HQ due to their endless versatility, and this collab between Taylor Stitch and Fourtillfour transforms from a functional work-bench jacket to an unstructured blazer with a quick splay of the collar. It is made from a mid-weight reverse sateen fabric which has been milled from a no-nonsense blend of 100% recycled cotton. Natural, un-dyed fabric is a magnet for patina—from motor oil to coffee stains, this coat tells a story on your sleeve.

The Fourtillfour Heavy Bag Tee in Ash Stripe

The Fourtillfour Heavy Bag Tee in Ash Stripe is a heavyweight striped blend of up-cycled cotton and recycled polyester that delivers unparalleled comfort and style. The cotton used for this top class tee is collected from cutting room floors in the textile industry, which is shredded, cleaned, and woven into brand new fibres. The recycled polyester goes through a similar process, and eventually the two fibres are knit together to deliver a substantial fabric, with a pleasing soft texture.

Cut slim, this amazing T-shirt from Taylor Stitch and Fourtillfour is pre-shrunk for a unbeatable, consistent fit you can wash time and again. After studying vintage tees, Taylor Stitch noticed that they tended to bust out in the shoulders, so we added a fully-taped shoulder seam to the Heavy Bag to prevent ripping.

Four Coffee Tinin Sunday Motor Club Blend

We’re pretty much fuelled by coffee here at Coolector HQ, particularly during this phase of social distancing, and this Four Coffee Tin in Sunday Motor Club Blend is a mighty attractive proposition right now, we’re not going to lie. This is a 12oz tin of Fourtillfour’s Sunday Motor Club blend of Honduran & Ethiopian whole bean coffee and that sounds pretty mouth watering to us.

You can expect a sweet, complex, balanced blend that will jump start your day from the very first sip. Fourtillfour sources all of their own direct-trade coffee, and they roast the beans in-house at their workshop in Arizona. You’ll receive one select of Fourtillfour’s three premium blends or roasts in a red, black, or yellow tin.

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