Base Camp Hostel, Bonn

If you’re a closet camping aficionado but don’t want to be beset with the likely inclement weather that goes hand in hand with the great outdoors, there is an interesting offering in Bonn, Germany, that goes by the name of the Base Camp Hostel and, I think you’ll join The Coolector in agreeing, that it looks all sorts of awesome.

Camping is becoming increasingly cooler and there is a bit of camping spirit in all of us but you’ll probably want to check out this new incarnation of camping that let’s you enjoy the process of sleeping in a campervan / caravan but without the pressing problems that face most campers, such as bear attacks and killer bees. Each of the different caravans boast alternative themes and you’re sure to find something in keeping with what you’re looking for within their individually styled interiors. Check out the cool looking Base Camp Hostel below:


Fancy a visit – check out the website at

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