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Heading out into the wild and enjoying adventures is something that is certainly going to appeal to many people this autumn but in order to properly chronicle them, it’s a good idea to have a trusty, versatile journal in tow and, truth be told, we’ve certainly not seen many better than this Basecamp Journal which is funding over on Indiegogo right now.

The Basecamp Journal is designed to help you create your own adventures and make sure you capture all the details in a way that you can go back to time and time again and it will feel like you’re right there again. This cracking piece of stationery is designed to compel you to explore new climes and record those adventures in your own unique and creative way. Past adventures can often be the catalyst for new ones, and having a record of your journey just might help you unlock a new experience.

Onward to Adventure

The process of writing and keeping a journal is increasingly, and lamentably, becoming a lost art form but there are few experiences for which a journal is more perfect than heading out into nature and no better means of capturing it all than these expertly conceived Basecamp Journals on Indiegogo. The handiwork of Feral Mountain Co, these journals are built to handle any adventure and it can be either bought on its own as a paperback or, if you’d prefer a touch of class, housed inside a Colorado-made, regionally-sourced, leather cover.

Adventure is in the blood for many and this Basecamp Journal from Feral Mountain Co really is an ideal solution for capturing memories and committing them to paper to be enjoyed time and time again. It is positively jammed packed with features that are purpose designed to help you ‘create adventure’ and capture the finer details of your trip.  Inside the journal are various prompts that will act as inspiration and assist you in planning your adventures, lists to help you pack, and an abundance of pages to plan, sketch, and write your story whilst out in the wild.

If you love heading out on hikes, traversing waterways on a kayak or climbing rock faces, this Basecamp Journal is something you’re going to want to have stowed away in your backpack for your next wilderness excursion. Filled with adventure inspiration, such as a National Parks checklist, the Basecamp Journal is formulated in such a way that makes it really straightforward to capture all the details of road trips and hikes in the great outdoors and we’re big fans of its functionality here at Coolector HQ.

The World is your Canvas

With around 140 pages to work with and all manner of inspiration, this USA made Basecamp Journal from Feral Mountain Co is printed with vegetable-based ink on FSC certified paper which has post-consumer wastepaper content and is acid and chlorine free. Each journal is printed in Denver & bound in Arizona which ensures that it is American made from cover to cover and that’s something to be applauded.

If you’ve got various adventures on the horizon over the next few months and into 2018 and want the perfect journal for documenting them all then this superb looking Basecamp Journal on Indiegogo would be our pick here at The Coolector. Visually impactful and highly useful in helping shape your adventures, it’s a definite winner in our eyes.

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