Killspencer Office Collection

When it comes to leather goods, few brands are more accomplished than the guys at Killspencer and for those already au fait with their wares will be delighted to hear of their new Office Collection. This spiffing series of workspace centric leather products will ramp up the dapperness of your desk no end and for anyone looking for well crafted and supremely stylish products to add a touch of sophistication to their workspace, look no further.

The Killspencer Office Collection is designed off the back of the premise that a clear desk is a catalyst for a clear mind and these various desk accessories have been crafted with a minimalist aesthetic in mind to help accomplish this. The excellent looking series of leather goods that form this collection from Killspencer will transform your workspace into a understated, mess-free station where you’re free to work as creatively as possible.

Functionality is Key

As with all the goods from Killspencer, functionality is a chief consideration with this Office Collection and the level of versatility of these pieces is never achieved at the cost of the unparalleled aesthetics. If you’re a fan of luxurious looking leather goods, the Killspencer Office Collection is going to be very much to your liking and the various goods on offer are as durable as they are chic so will make for a welcome addition to any workspace.

Consisting of a variety of different products including mouse mats, valet trays and coasters, the Killspencer Office Collection allows you to effortlessly mix and match the colours and materials on show around your home or workspace or coordinate different surfaces to brilliantly reflect your personal style. This level of versatility makes these great looking wares ideally suited to any sort of workspace and we’re loving the tangible quality and visual impact here at Coolector HQ.

Wonderfully well made, the products in this Office Collection from Killspencer  is purpose built to help organise, elevate, and declutter your working area in order for to fully concentrate on the matter in hand and not be distracted by a messy workspace. The fact that the goods in the collection are so well made and stylish is merely the icing on the cake and helps set them apart from other workspace accessories on the market.

Material Matters

As mentioned, the quality of these products in the Killspencer Office Collection is second to none and most are made from bullhide leather in black or tan and this material is thicker by nature than other forms of leather and creates a denser, tougher and more durable finish to the products which will ensure they stand up to the rigours of day to day use in your workspace.

Killspencer are experts in the world of leather goods and this is something which definitely shines through in their striking Office Collection of goods. For anyone wanting to significantly streamline their workspace, there are plenty of products in this spiffing collection which will do just that and we can’t wait to get our hands on some here at The Coolector.

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