BAST Espresso Cup

When you drink as much coffee as us here at Coolector HQ, it’s fair to say you burn your way through a fair few receptacles during the course of the year so we’re always on the look out for new vessels from which to enjoy our hot beverages and we’ve encountered few better of late than the fantastic looking BAST Espresso Cup which is going to appeal to any nature loving caffeine aficionado.

The BAST Espresso Cup is another superb example of the ever growing capabilities of 3D printing and is a combination of first rate, minimalist design alongside the haptic pleasure of a well made piece of drinkware that has nature at its core. If you’re on the hunt for some means of enjoying your espressos that will really turn heads, the BAST Espresso Cup would get our vote here at Coolector HQ.

One With Nature

BAST is a design studio that is the brainchild of Lukas Bast who is a product designer and 3D visualisation artist who has been heavily influenced by nature for one of his latest pieces, this supremely eye-catching and expertly conceived BAST Espresso Cup. The simplicity of the cup’s shape is superbly complimented by the wooden twig handles which give the mugs a real rustic feel that resonates with our sensibilities here at The Coolector and we’d certainly enjoy drinking our cup of coffee from one of these cracking receptacles each morning.

The simplistic, understated design of the BAST Espresso Cup is the sort of thing that today’s modern aesthetic lovers will unquestionably appreciate and its unusual finish, with the wooden handles, really is something that sets this great piece of drinkware apart from the competition. With no two being quite the same, it really is a fantastic piece of design and one we’re big fans of here at The Coolector.

The BAST Espresso Cup is 3D printed using food safe porcelain and then glazed to give it the aesthetically superior finish that you see before you. Whilst it might not be everyone’s cup of tea from a visual point of view, it certainly is ours here at The Coolector and we’re sure we’re not alone in loving this eye-catching piece of design from Lukas Bast.

Classy Coffee

We don’t know about you but here at Coolector HQ, we tend to think coffee just tastes better when you’re drinking it from a superior quality vessel and they won’t get much better from an aesthetic standpoint than these BAST Espresso Cups and whilst they’re not yet commercially available, we’re hoping this is something that Lukas Bast aims to remedy before too long.

Minimalist, cool and understated, the BAST Espresso Cup has a nature centric design coupled with advanced 3D printing technology and delivers one mighty impressive piece of drinkware that we can all appreciate from a design and aesthetics point of view.

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