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In our experience here at The Coolector, when you find a purveyor of men’s shirts that tallies with your own style persuasion, you’ll stick with them for the long haul and that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in with Batch and, in particular, their decidedly awesome and versatile Utility Shirts. Quality craftsmanship really sets Batch apart from the competition and it’s clear that they live and breathe each stitch, seam, and detail.

Batch choose to stand apart and come up with apparel focused on design and craftsmanship that are a worthwhile investment and last for the distance. They build their shirts one-at-a-time in small batches, creating a product with value simply not found today. The Utility Shirt from Batch is one of their cornerstone pieces and with prices starting at $82, these shirts represent incredible value for money and we’ll certainly be adding one or two to our own spring wardrobe rotation here at The Coolector.

Wear Anywhere Shirts

Batch know what they’re doing when it comes to creating functional, stylish shirts and this is something which well and truly shines through with their Utility Shirts range. Split into a number of different designs such as the Editor Shirt, Fixer Shirt, Maker Shirt and Convoy Shirt, this first class collection from Batch is overflowing with quality and will be the first piece of apparel you reach for this spring and summer when you demand style and substance.

The Batch Utility Shirts (from $82) are made with the finest quality materials and they have tangible excellence to the touch. Batch choose their fabrics based on maximising the finest quality with robust performance and unrivalled comfort. Batch shirts are always classic cotton, some have spandex added for extra manoeuvrability and comfort. They always pick timeless weaves to give you years of dependable use and never use fabric with formaldyhyde or any other harmful chemicals.

One of our favourite shirts within the Utility Range from Batch is the effortlessly cool Maker Shirt. Based upon a burning desire to create which runs through all of us, the Maker Shirt has a timeless utility styling with forward shoulder yokes and traditional expanding pockets. An understated spread collar with hidden buttons rounds out the impressive aesthetic of these shirts.

Devil in the Detail

Truth be told, the details make or break your style and with the Utility Shirts from Batch, the attention to detail in the design is second to none. Refined timeless pockets, flat-felled reinforced seaming, uncommon premium buttons, dense stitches per inch and sewn in interfacing are just a few of the features that put Batch at the top table when it comes to men’s shirts.

Batch shirts will always have details designed exclusively for you and it is the thought and care that goes into the making of each of their shirts that makes them a stand out contender to be your next go-to shirt brand in 2021. Batch have been on our radar for a number of years now here at Coolector HQ and we’re glad to see that plenty of other men have cottoned on to just how excellent their first rate shirts are. In both style and comfort. Get your hands on some for spring now.

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