Batman Bat Grenade

Following on rather nicely from our The Cost of Being a Superhero infographic, we have this equally as spiffing Batman Bat Grenade Toy from circa 1966 (they obviously released it to coincide with England’s glorious World Cup victory in the same year).

It’s safe to say that they don’t make toys with this sort of charisma anymore and it sort of makes me rue that I myself wasn’t born twenty years or so earlier because I came to the party too late to get my hands on one of these Bat Grenades as well. 4.5 inches in length, with a mightily impressive 13 inch wingspan, this grenade would surely have made you the don of your group of childhood friends.

The Batman Bat Grenade works by filling it full of caps which detonate on impact and will likely send the Penguin, Cat Woman, the Joker et al scampering when you set it off. An excellent example of a vintage toy and one that we are deeply jealous here at The Coolector HQ that it isn’t currently residing on our desk to throw at any reprobates that wonder in.

If you can invent a time machine and have $231 to spare, you can get your hands on it at Hakes (it’s an auction and it’s finished).

If, however, this inability to purchase the Bat Grenade has proved too traumatic, here are a few of our favourite toys at Rakes that ARE still available to bid on:


We’d happily add any of the above to our collection here at The Coolector.

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