Bean Teardrop Trailers

When summer rolls around each year, a lot of people’s thoughts turn to road trips and camping excursions and there can be few better choices for sleeping under the stars than a teardrop trailer. There are certainly no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to this type of camping apparatus but these fantastic looking Bean Teardrop Trailers are some of the finest we’ve seen to date here at Coolector HQ and will make any wilderness excursion a trip to remember.

The quality of these Bean Teardrop Trailers really is second to none and will provide the perfect retreat to relax and unwind after a hard day on the hiking trail. Designed to be completely leak-proof, these magnificent looking trailers will withstand whatever the elements can throw at you so they are designed to be used all year round without compromising on their performance. Great design coupled with first rate materials combine to make these some of the best trailers out there and perfect for any type of road trip adventure.

Quality Design & Build

With over 30 years of experience building with fibreglass, Bean really have mastered their trade when it comes to crafting quality teardrop trailers for road trip adventures. They are all made with a unibody composite housing which means the single fibreglass unit blocks out the chance for leaks and increases the longevity and robustness of their trailers. They also use a thick (10-12mm) glossy marine grade gelcoat which results in enhanced durability and UV resistance. Their colour application is so deep you can buff out fine scratches and discoloration associated with normal wear and tear.

The Bean Teardrop Trailers boast a contemporary and spacious interior of robust laminate walls, impact resistant fibreglass floor, cabinetry with grain matching wood veneers and a soft touch headliner to deliver a finish which is as exquisite inside as it is outside. Bean have managed to do away with the biggest fundamental problem with standard RV construction by making the side walls and roof from a single shell of moulded fibreglass. Whilst it is more expensive to build, it’s the right way if you want a product that will stand the test of time and be your go-to road trip ally for years to come.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the finish of a Bean Teardrop Trailer is highly customisable and you can make design choices about more or less every element of the design from the exterior colour to the interior fixtures and fittings. There is more than enough space for two to sleep comfortably within a Bean Teardrop Trailer and the first rate design has been cleverly conceived to really make the most if the space on offer.

Life on the Road

If regular road-tripping is something that you enjoy then one of these Bean Teardrop Trailers will certainly be a sound investment. With prices starting at around $16,000, they represent good value for money when you consider how well made and robust they are and the fact they will stand up to the elements all year around.

The striking design of these Bean Teardrop Trailers really resonates with our road-trip loving sensibilities here at The Coolector and the fact you can customise them almost entirely to your liking is something which adds to their appeal still further. Quality build and an impressive amount of space makes these trailers amongst the most versatile and impressive on the market.

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