Max Dalton A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards

With the next instalment of the Star Wars franchise only a few months away now, we’re already on the hunt for awesomeness pertaining to the Star Wars universe here at Coolector HQ and we’ve found an excellent piece to get the ball rolling in the shape of these Max Dalton A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards which are available to buy from the Spoke Art Gallery website for the bargain price of just $15.

Max Dalton is no stranger to the pages of The Coolector and we’ve featured his fantastic, illustration style artwork a number of times before but these superb looking and highly stylised A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards are possibly one of our favourite pieces from this talented artist to date. Any fan of Star Wars and card games are going to be in their element with this excellent deck which features so of the most beloved characters from the iconic movie franchise.

Play Your Cards Right 

Forming part of the new collection of art from Max Dalton for the Spoke Art Gallery, these ace A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards have an aesthetic all of their own and have their own illustrative take on some of the stand out characters from the movies including, as you would expect, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Only 500 decks of these cards are being made so they are extremely limited in nature and, given their affordability, are going to be extremely popular so you’ll need to jump to warp speed to make sure you get your hands on a deck.

The Max Dalton A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards will make a great gift for any Star Wars fan or appreciator of the arts and the fact you can get a pack for just $15 is the real icing on the cake. Needless to say, Star Wars is one of the most enduring movie franchises ever and there are an awful lot of artwork pieces dedicated to it but we’re particularly fond of the illustration style of Max Dalton (not least because he loves the work of Wes Anderson also) and that’s why these cards resonate with us so much here at The Coolector.

The A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards from Max Dalton will add a touch of movie magic to your next game of Poker or Blackjack (or, indeed, Sabacc) and you’ll be one of just 500 people with this deck of cards which adds to their appeal still further. A real attention to detail has gone into the design of these playing cards and any Star Wars aficionado is going to love the quirky character design of Max Dalton which captures the essence of Skywalker et al perfectly.

Skilled Artist 

Max Dalton is a graphic artist who resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he has been drawing since he was two or three years old, and began to take it seriously around the age of thirteen. Today he works as a freelance illustrator for advertising, editorial and personal artistic projects and whenever he releases excellent offerings like these A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards for Spoke Art Gallery, we inevitably sit up and take notice here at Coolector HQ.

For the princely sum of just $15, you can get a limited piece of Star Wars artwork with these A Galaxy Far, Far Away Playing Cards from Max Dalton are going to be a popular popular release we’re sure so time will be of the essence if you want to secure a deck. Featuring all your favourite characters from the hit movie and with a stylistic aesthetic appeal, what’s not to like?

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