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When winter rolls around, it’s time for your beard to batten down the hatches because there are few seasons which are so relentless and unforgiving and if you want to make sure your beard makes it through to spring intact then you need to think long and hard about which grooming brands you’re using to protect it. One of our top picks here at Coolector HQ is undoubtedly that of The Bearded Bastard because, quite frankly, their selection of beard supplies is second to none and made from the very best ingredients on the market to make sure your beard looks great and is well protected.

Check out some of the best beard supplies from the chaps at The Bearded Bastard below:

Woodsman Beard Balm – $24

Your beard is going to need a robust balm this winter if you want to keep it looking its best and they don’t come much better than The Bearded Bastard’s Woodsman Beard Balm ($24). This excellent grooming essential uses a compelling array of ingredients which includes Beeswax, Safflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Rice Bran Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Lanolin, Castor Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and Jojoba Oil which all combine in a heady mix of delicious aromas and protective performance. Regardless of whether you’re chopping wood or heading to the tap room for a craft beer, the Woodsman Beard Balm keeps your beard looking the part by sealing in moisture for the ultimate in beard health. ($24)

Barbershop Cologne – $40

With notes of calendula, eucalyptus, lavender, bay rum and tobacco, this Barbershop Cologne from The Bearded Bastard ($40) delivers one manly aroma, that’s for sure. The combination of rugged ingredients come together to create your new favourite cologne and the aroma aims to transport you back to the glory days of the barbershop with the small brass bell above the door that chimed softly as you entered the shop and which was your first glimpse into the lives of men. The Barbershop Cologne is made by hand in Austin, Texas, and is designed specifically to evoke that 1920’s Barbershop smell. ($40)

Man of the Woods Beard Oil – $35

Beard oils are one of the most important things for your beard to give its lustrous glow and if you’re after one that a lumberjack would approve of, look no further than the Man of the Woods Beard Oil from The Bearded Bastard ($35). It is positively packed full of cedar wood and pine needle essential oils, but also manages to add earthy tones of patchouli and sandalwood with the rich notes of vanilla. The Bearded Bastard Man of the Woods Beard Oil is the ideal choice for customers looking for a beard oil that wears more like a cologne. It is undoubtedly the brand’s most complicated beard oil scent to date and one we’re loving the look of at Coolector HQ. ($35)

Barbershop Matte Hair Clay – $22

If, like us, you’ve long been searching for the perfect hair product, you can likely call off the hunt now that you’ve discovered The Bearded Bastard Barbershop Matte Hair Clay. Made from real clay, this excellent grooming product is suitable for a variety of hairstyles and hair types and is much more than your average pomade. The beauty of this product is that while most hair products land somewhere on the spectrum between light hold and strong hold, this Matte Hair Clay will do both. Whether you want a natural, messy look or a strong, all-day hold, the Barbershop Matte Hair Clay is the product to get your there. It is made with bentonite and kaolin clay, along with beeswax and natural plant oils, so it protects and restores the look of your hair using naturally-sourced minerals and vitamins. ($22)

Early Riser Moustache Wax – $16

For when you need to tame the behaviour of your moustache, a good quality wax is a must and this Early Riser Moustache Wax from The Bearded Bastard ($16) would certainly be one of our first choices here at The Coolector. The unique aroma of this wax will have you seizing the day from the moment you treat your moustache to it until you the moment you lay your head back down on your pillow in the evening. With an aroma which alludes to early morning coffee, pancakes, butter and maple syrup, it came from its creator’s time backpacking in Wyoming and all the associated memories that came with it. ($16)

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