Bellroy Apex Backpack

Bellroy backpacks are, in our opinion here at The Coolector, some of the best in the business but at the pinnacle of their offerings is the spectacular Apex Backpack which comes in an unusual and stealthy Onyx colourway. This classy looking accessory from Bellroy unites a decade of design insights with progressive patterning and material craftsmanship – for those who want to push their boundaries, and to carry a bag that does the same.

The Bellroy Apex Backpack doesn’t come cheap – with a punchy price tag of some £419 – and boasts an intentionally uncluttered, unfussy design which allows the Apex to blend and adapt to multiple tasks and environments. Access to your daily EDC essentials without much unzipping, unclipping or unpacking is Bellroy’s number one design rule and they’ve achieved it with aplomb with the Apex.

Innovative, Intuitive Design

Boasting a highly innovative design aesthetic, the stretch pockets of the Apex Backpack from Bellroy keep valuables out of the crush zone – but snap flat when not in use. Because you control this bag and not the other way around. The magnet buttons and dual-access zips delivers unparalleled access and lay-flat packability that ramp up the versatility of this backpack considerably.

Bellroy position their pockets in a ‘toolbelt’ around the sides of the Apex Backpack (£419) so as to leave plenty of space in the centre of the bag for everything else to fall where it falls. The adjustable sternum strap is understated enough to clip on, or remain off, and not affect your overall aesthetic. Bellroy like to include the easy wins that will help you avoid any fumbles and a key clip is one of those so you’ll find one as part of the Apex Backpack.

The Apex Backpack from Bellroy is designed to be unrestrictive and let you tackle any day to day adventures that life can throw at you. No clutter on the outside, no extreme pocketing on the inside – just the perfect amount of storage and style. So you can translate it, adapt it, write it as you wish on a daily basis.

Material Matters

Hardware that was custom-designed in Bellroy’s Bells Beach lab, with a specialist fabric developed in Korea, environmentally certified leather which has been sourced from the Netherlands… it’s clear to see that the accessories brand have dug deep to give Apex the best of the best.

Priced at £419, this is the sort of backpack that will last a lifetime and can be passed on from one generation to the next such is its first class craftsmanship and highly functional design. A top-loader upon first glance, this backpack unravels (and re-ravels) completely, with an innovative combination of magnets and zips – giving you full control over your access.

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