Bellroy Pencil Case

When school was in our rear view mirror here at Coolector HQ, we thought we’d seen the last pencil case cross our path but we hadn’t counted on this rather excellent looking Bellroy Pencil Case which is ideally suited to those working in the creative industries that still deal in pens and pencils (or digital stylus at least). Typically stylish and functional as we’ve come to expect from Bellroy, this great piece of EDC will help keep your workspace clutter in check.

The Bellroy Pencil Case is a good deal more sophisticated than the sort that you’re used to from your school days and isn’t limited to the porting of pencils. It will be equally as proficient at carrying around the cables, leads and other bits and pieces that us tech obsessed individuals typically have in tow nowadays. The Bellroy Pencil Case is an incredibly versatile piece of EDC and one that we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on here at The Coolector.

Pencil Pushing

Whilst a pencil case may not seemingly be the sort of product we’d push here on the pages of The Coolector, sometimes great materials and craftsmanship win out and that’s exactly the case with this first rate Pencil Case from Bellroy. Suitable for storing all manner of EDC and made from excellent materials including Bellroy’s premium, environmentally certified leather, there is an awful lot to appreciate with the design and finish of the piece.

The Bellroy Pencil Case measures 200 x 60 x 35mm and folds out into a tray if you require to make it an even more functional addition to your workspace. For those of you who like to keep your desk neat and ordered, you’ll be able to use this awesome little accessory to your advantage. Made from durable woven fabric with leather highlight, it’s a good deal classier than most other pencil cases on the market and will give your pens, pencils and tech accessories a top notch home whilst you get to work.

If you’re a regular carrying of a rucksack, duffle or briefcase, you’ll know only too well the annoyance of rooting around in your bag in search of a pen, your headphones or some other piece of EDC that always seems to work its way to the bottom of the bag and into the most inconvenient position. The Bellroy Pencil Case will bring this rooting to an end and let you keep all these little essentials in one place, in an easy to grab accessory from any bag.

Sleek Design

Minimalist in nature and sleek in design, the Bellroy Pencil Case will make you a much more organised individual by bringing all your small pieces of everyday carry into one place, so you’ll know where each piece is at all times. The fact that it opens out into a tray is a first rate design feature because rooting through a pencil case can almost be as annoying as rooting through a backpack but by opening up fully, this isn’t an issue you’ll encounter with the Bellroy Pencil Case.

Though unlikely to change the world, this Bellroy Pencil Case will change the way you work and its cool, understated design is right up our street here at Coolector HQ. For those of you familiar with Bellroy products, you’ll know the craftsmanship will be second to none and, as always, the materials used are the best available. An essential addition to any creative individual’s line up of EDC.

Price: £30

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