Ben Young Broken Liquid

It’s safe to say that we’re bowled over by the work of Ben Young and he’s featured on The Coolector previously with his magnificent aquatic themed sculptures called Broken Liquid and we’re delighted to say he’s added a number of awesome new offerings to his collection since the last time we visited the website and, somewhat miraculously, he’s managed to improve upon his earlier work.

Ben Young is the New Zealand born, Australia based designer and sculptor who initially wowed us over a year ago and his latest series of pieces that fall under his Broken Liquid collection are nothing short of jaw dropping. Crafted from laminated clear float glass with cast concrete & silicon bronze (amongst other materials), you’ll not find many pieces more eye-catching than these brilliant sculptures and you can check out a few of Young’s latest work below:










As you can see, these spectacular sculptures are painstakingly crafted and look incredible in any home or office. If you’re in the market for some phenomenally crafted sculptures with a fantastically nautical theme then these awesome offerings from Ben Young are just the ticket and some of our favourite pieces of art here at Coolector HQ.

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