Bennett Winch Leather Backpack

Luxury UK bags and accessories brand, Bennett Winch, are a cut above when it comes to the calibre of their wares and there are few better examples of this in action than their devilishly dapper Leather Backpacks. Available in Brown and Black iterations, these classy looking carries will elevate your style whilst delivering all the functionality you’ll demand from your daily carry. The tangible sense of quality with these backpacks truly does set them apart from the competition and if you’re the sort that likes to invest in heritage quality accessories rather than throw-away pieces, this is the backpack for you.

Given the quality of the materials and craftsmanship, this Bennett Winch Leather Backpack doesn’t come cheap but, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for so far as quality is concerned. With a price tag of £875, the Leather Backpack from Bennett Winch is a sizeable investment but one that is definitely worth making. Every Bennett Winch leather backpack is hand crafted in England by the brand’s team of master craftspeople, using traditional techniques and materials reimagined for a modern world.

Superior Sense of Quality

Whether it’s the full grain Tuscan leather or London welded brass, the guys at Bennett Winch will only ever use materials that are of the highest quality and designed to last a lifetime whilst ageing with grace. On the inside of the Leather Backpack you will find a protective laptop sleeve, low profile pockets and a removable nylon wet compartment that will help you to keep everything in order amidst the chaos of good wilderness adventure, whilst a pair of suede lined leather straps keep it all behind you.

The Bennett Winch Leather Backpack (£875) is all about refinement. There’s no elasticated bungee pocket for your water bottle, neither will you find a little hole for your head phones; this is a bag for adults. Carry yourself well. The quality of the materials used throughout its construction speak to this fact and include vegetable-tanned full grain leather from Tuscany, Italy, a suede underside to shoulder straps, solid brass hardware welded in London and things are finished off with YKK Golden brass zips.

Chock full of fantastic features, the Bennett Winch Leather Backpack is versatility personified and will have your back wherever your adventures take you. Some of its stand out design features include a concealed front phone / wallet pocket which is ideal for your EDC essentials, a fully protected laptop pocket, detachable, fully waterproof shoe / gym gear compartment and, last but not least, it is IATA carry-on baggage compliant. Whilst it doesn’t come cheap, this backpack is the sort of thing you can pass on from one generation to another, one adventurer to the next.

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