Syphon Wine Preservation

For those with a penchant for wine, you’ll be only too aware of the problem of opening a bottle and enjoying a glass before returning it to the fridge and hoping it remains fresh but you needn’t have such concerns in the future courtesy of this excellent looking Kickstarter campaign that goes by the name of Syphon and which might just revolutionise the way you enjoy your favourite wines from now on.

The Syphon Wine Preservation tool on Kickstarter lets you enjoy wine by the glass and save the rest for later without the nagging doubt that it will lose freshness and taste. Boasting an elegant, ergonomic design, the Syphon really is an essential addition to any wine lover’s kitchen and it will fit any bottle and is extremely simple to use meaning that you can enjoy a glass of wine safe in the knowledge it will taste exactly the same the next time you go back to the bottle.

Must Have For Wine Aficionados

Not everyone will open a bottle of wine with the intention of finishing it in the same evening and that’s why tools like this Syphon Wine Preserver are so important for lovers of good quality wines. When saving the rest of a bottle for later, be that the following day or a month later, there is that risk that the quality will rapidly diminish in the taste but this clever accessory puts paid to that problem. It uses the same high-quality preservation methods that you’ll find at your favorite wineries, and makes it much easier for you to enjoy a single glass of wine any day of the week without committing to the whole bottle.

This excellent Kickstarter campaign for the Syphon Wine Preserver will give you a 20% discount on the expected retail price of $149 when it hits the shelves officially so, if you love wine and bargains, you’ll need to move quickly to secure your Syphon before it becomes full price. Capable of keeping your wine fresh for up to 30 days, this is one impressive bit of apparatus that any wine lover will appreciate and it achieves this freshness through the use of argon, the same inert gas used by wineries during the bottling process.

Extremely clever design means that the Syphon Wine Preserver releases argon into the bottle and creates a barrier which will stop your wine from oxidising, thereby keeping every glass fresh and the flavour robust for up to 30 days – meaning no more wasted bottles of wine in the future – something we can all get on board with. Outperforming all traditional preservation methods, the Syphon will keep your favourite wines fresher for longer.

Freshness Assured

Through the use of argon capsules, the same standard as wineries, the Syphon Wine Preserver capsules will last up to 15 pours and can keep your wine fresh for weeks. It is designed to work with any brand of argon capsules so you don’t have to use the Syphon ones if you don’t want to – all you need to do is match the size. Available for a bargain price on Kickstarter, we expect this cracking device to fly off the shelves and into the homes of wine lovers the world over.

The Syphon Wine Preserver will ensure you never waste another drop of your favourite wine and keep it fresh for a month. It will expand you wine tasting palates as well because you can try out new wines without the fear of wasting them and the fact that you get a 20% discount during the Kickstarter campaign is all the incentive we’d need to get our hands on one of these first class wine preservers here at Coolector HQ.

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