Berlin Boombox

Berlin Boombox

The heyday of the boombox may have long since passed with the dawn of digital downloads and MP3 players but all is not lost for those who used to love a bit of shoulder based duke box action and pine for the days of the boombox once again? So, what’s this so called saviour, I hear you say? Well, sir, it goes by the name of the Berlin Boombox and it is all sorts of awesome.

The brain child of Berlin based (obviously) designer, Axel Pfaender, the Berlin Boombox is the end result of his quest to make boomboxes more fun, accessible and geared towards the way we listen to music in the 21st century and, we here at The Coolector, think that he’s done a rather admirable job with his spiffing design.

It is a modern spin on boomboxes of old and boasts minimalist graphic art on the simple construct that is a real eye-catcher. Constructed from heavy duty corrugated cardboard (so, it’s much more lightweight than the 80s iterations), the Berlin Boombox is delivered in a construction kit so you’ll have the pleasure of putting your new music conveyor together yourself – but, fear not, it’s not a technical process, requires no tools and takes just a couple of minutes. Take a look at this great new take on a classic below:


Price: $80

Available: Bite My Apple

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