Best Made SOLKOA Survival Kit

We’ve been talking about camping quite a lot here at Coolector HQ with summer fast approaching but, given our proclivity to injure ourselves with great regularity whilst in the wild, it may well pay to be prepared and that’s why we’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on the rather excellent looking Best Made SOLKOA Survival Kit.

Whilst we’ve no intention to heinously injure ourselves whilst enjoying the great outdoors over the coming months, it never hurts to prepare for every eventuality and that’s pretty much what you’ve got on your hands with the excellent SOLKOA Survival Kit from the brilliant American purveyors of awesome accessories and outdoor goods, Best Made.

Within this comprehensive kit you’ll find all manner of potentially life-saving accessories and tools such as a fishing kit, roll of duct tape, waterproof matches, LED flashlight, a compass and plenty of other bits and bobs that could come in handy during a sticky situation out in the wild. Take a look at a few more shots of the Best Made kit below:




Needless to say, you’re going to need a storage device for all these tools and accessories and, fear not, Best Made have got you covered on that front too as their SOLKOA Survival Kit is packaged neatly away in one of their awesome machined aluminium boxes which, remarkably, is so strong that it can actually be used as a shovel should you so require. Off camping this summer? Make sure you’ve got a Best Made SOLKOA Survival Kit safely stowed away in your backpack.

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