LAB.C Cable Case

As an iPhone user, I think it’s fair to say that a dead or dying battery with no discernible means of charging is a situation that I’ve found myself in many a time. Truth be told, it’s a not that difficult to carry a charger around with you but, chances are, you’ll likely forget it when you need it most and, for those times, there is this fantastic looking little device that goes by the name of the LAB.C Cable Case.

It’s the simple invention which are invariably the best and this is something that is applicable to the LAB.C Cable Case which doesn’t aim to revolutionise, merely to assist with a problem that will all face on an upsettingly regular basis – a conked out iPhone battery.

This visually appealing little number stores an 8-pin USB cable within the casing itself and not in any sort of cumbersome way that would annoy or provide visual distraction, so whenever you’re running low on juice with your iPhone, you’ve got a USB charging port right there in your phone case. We told you it wasn’t revolutionary but it sure is useful. Take a gander at a few more shots of this first rate device below:






Gadgets are a favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ and when they’ve got the capacity to be genuinely useful as well as fantastically designed, our interest goes up still further and the LAB.C Cable Case compels on both these fronts.

If you’re an iPhone user who has grown weary of a battery life that is seemingly outrageously short and want an attractive case that should help make sure you’re seldom without battery again, we think the LAB.C Cable Case may well be your best bet.

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