Best Made Co Straight Hold Hatchet

If we’re being honest with ourselves here at The Coolector, we could seldom be less handy in the DIY department if we tried but we do like the thought of being an accomplished woodsman at least and that’s why we’re always nothing less than impressed when we come across cracking accessories like these Straight Hold Hatchets from Best Made Co.

The Straight Hold Hatchet from The Coolector regulars, Best Made Co, are going to appeal immeasurably to those who love heading into woodland wilderness on camping adventures because they are both incredibly robust and extremely versatile. These extremely attractive hatchets have been designed from the ground up in New York by Best Made Co and they boast a Dayton pattern head which is drop forged and hand-ground in the USA from an American made 1060 alloy steel which is then strengthened to a Rockwell hardness of 48-55 HRC for a fantastically robust hatchet.

Extremely lightweight, weighing in at just over a pound, the Best Made Co Straight Hold Hatchet won’t be difficult to take on camping adventures with you and will ensure that you’re at your handiest whilst out in the wild. Check out a few more shots below:






We’ve never whittled wood or made anything useful with our hands here at Coolector HQ so our need for a hatchet of this obvious awesomeness is minimal to be fair but there is undoubtedly plenty of much handier individuals out there for whom it will serve as the ideal tool for all manner of woodland adventures.

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