Best Oceans Allies: Water Resistant Filippo Loreti Watches

When heading into the deep blue sea on any underwater adventures, you’re going to need a sturdy timepiece on your wrist to keep up with you and they don’t come much better than the superb water resistant offerings from the guys at Filippo Loreti. Style meets substance with the ocean ready watches from Filippo Loreti and if you’re after a timepiece that is built for adventure without breaking the bank, you’re in luck here.

Check out our pick of three of the best water resistant watches for aquatic adventures in 2020 below:

Filippo Loreti Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber Watch

A stand out timepiece for underwater adventures, the Filippo Loreti Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber Watch is one of our favourites here at The Coolector. This first class timepiece blurs the lines between formal and casual and has adventure in its blood.

This eye-catching timepiece has been designed for those who live an active lifestyle with an emphasis on the needs of the contemporary man. The highly functional and versatile design of this Okeanos delivers the same stylish look whether you’re sporting a casual outfit, black tuxedo or heading beneath the waves of the deep blue sea.

Filippo Loretti Ascari Tuscany Rubber Watch

About as vibrant a watch as you’re likely to encounter, this one will turn heads both above and below the waves in 2020. The Ascari Tuscany Rubber Watch from Filippo Loreti is an accomplished accessory that is chock full of fine features which belie its affordable price tag. It has exquisite styling and traditional lines which make the Ascari ideally suited for your more ambitious days and nights.

It has a hybrid movement which combines the accuracy of quartz with the uncompromising look of a chronograph. It has luminous hands with the white dial which will help you tell the time in low light conditions and it comes with a dual time zone setting that is perfect for the international jet setter.

Filippo Loreti Odyssey Moss Rose Gold Rubber Watch

Another great option for any man looking for their ideal ocean ally in 2020. The Filippo Loreti Odyssey Moss Rose Gold Rubber Watch ticks all of our style and performance boxes here at Coolector HQ. The aesthetic of this watch is a salute to Riviera style and has been designed to compliment a luxurious lifestyle, whether it’s yachting, diving or racing.

The caseback of this eye-catching timepiece boasts an engraving of two regal seahorses to safeguard you on the most epic personal odysseys and adds a touch of class to proceedings. It has an advanced stop/start chronograph functionality and the luminous hands and dial make it simple to read the time in any light conditions. A great looking timepiece which is perfect for adventures on land and sea.

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