Bexar Goods Co Film Crew Jacket

We don’t know about you but we like our outerwear to have a bit of a visual punch to it and that would definitely explain why we’re more than a little drawn to this awesome looking Bexar Goods Co Film Crew Jacket. The good news just keeps on coming with this jacket as well because, not only does it look amazing, it is in the sale right now and can be picked up for $85 instead of the regular $120. Bargain ahoy.

The Bexar Goods Co Film Crew Jacket has a pleasingly vintage vibe to its aesthetic and if you’re after a piece of lightweight outerwear as we head into spring (for a bargain price no less), then this would certainly be one of our top choices here at The Coolector. If you get your hands on this piece of outerwear, you may just see your name up in lights because those who purchase a jacket will be included in the credits of Bexar Goods Co’s up and coming film, Lot 2202.

Retro Look and Feel

There is certainly a distinctive old school look and feel to this Bexar Goods Co Film Crew Jacket that you’ll likely love or hate. We love it here at The Coolector and if you’re of a similar mindset, you’ll be hard pressed to get a piece of lightweight outerwear for better value than this as we begin to head into spring. It boasts a super strong nylon outer shell which is designed to protect you from the elements and a poly cotton lining that suits both hot and cold climates. 

The Bexar Goods Co Film Crew Jacket ($85) has a coach jacket style and fit that makes it a versatile piece of apparel that will tick all the right boxes from a style and performance perspective. This classy looking jacket is the ideal gift for any movie aficionado out there (even if it’s yourself of course) and we’ll undoubtedly be looking to add one of these superb jackets to our own wardrobe rotation.

Released to coincide with Bexar’s announcement of the Lot 2202 film they’re releasing, this jacket has movie star credentials. The movie is not just your ordinary rags to riches story, it’s a journey. An up and coming businessman by the name of Shia sets out to make a name for himself in the entrepreneurial world but soon finds out that running a successful business is more than just having an idea. On opening day of Shia’s new store, Planet Rewind, the viewer will get a first hand look at what it takes to make an entrepreneur.

Brilliant Bexar

Bexar Goods Co are one of our favourite accessories and lifestyle brands here at Coolector HQ and whilst they’re perhaps best known for their wallets, bags and leather goods, they are becoming increasingly adept at releasing first class menswear pieces as this Film Crew Jacket admirably illustrates. Stylish, great value for money and ready for any adventure, what’s not to like about this superb piece of outerwear from Bexar?

Priced at just $85 during the sale, this jacket has definitely captured our attention and likely yours as well. If your winter wardrobe is calling out for a vibrant new addition, this one is sure to be resonating with your sensibilities right now. If you like what you see (and how can you not), make sure you move quickly because this one is flying of Bexar’s digital shelves at quite a pace.

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