Beyond Object

We love design inspired and orientated brands here at Coolector HQ and there really out many out there right now producing products more striking and aesthetically pleasing than that of Beyond Object, a design-led studio which is focusing their attention on crafting first class desktop objects and home accessories that will significantly enhance the visual appeal of any room or workspace.

Beyond Object put functionality front and centre with all the products that they produce and for those of you with a love of minimalistic, intricately designed pieces, you’ll be in your element with this top notch workshop and all the excellent accessories that they craft.

You can take a look at a few of our favourite pieces from Beyond Object below:

Align Ball Point Pen

The pen is a cornerstone of any contemporary man’s EDC line up and they, quite simply, don’t come any cooler or more sleek than the Align Ballpoint Pen from Beyond Object. This superb little piece of stationery really stands out from the crowd because it is is the world’s first dislocated twist pen and with a pen body which dislocates in the middle, which encourages you to “align” the shape and activate the pen’s function with a twist. Elegant, stylish and the sort of pen that you’ll want to use day in, day out, this is a real winner in our book here at Coolector HQ.

Empty Memory Sticks

Any creative workspace is likely to need memory sticks in order to move data around on the go quickly and effectively but, if we’re being on honest, most memory sticks on the market are uninspired from a design point of view. Well, no more, courtesy of these excellent looking Empty Memory Sticks from Beyond Object. With 16GB of memory and casted in high-quality 316 stiainless steel, hand-polished by craftsmen and finished with various colours, you’re sure to find one that fits in superbly with your own workspace and we’re big fans of the eye-catching aesthetic here at The Coolector.

Cantili Tape Dispenser

Though we don’t have much call for tape here at Coolector HQ, we know there are plenty of creatives calling out for an expertly designed and elegant tape dispenser for their workspace and they don’t come much classier than the Beyond Object Cantili Tape Dispenser. These striking offerings boasts a pared- down, sculptural form which elevates the look and feel of the everyday tape dispenser. Made from a pair of concave circles and a cantilever, its simple and understated design is robust enough to be used with single hand so perfect for tape jobs in a hurry.

Penpo Desk Organiser

Having a cluttered, disorganised workspace is a sure fire way to stifle your productivity and creativity and that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a good quality desk organiser to keep all your stationery in check. This is when the wonderfully stylish and striking Penpo Desk Organiser from Beyond Object comes into play with its three tubes of different materials, height and sizes with magnetic joints which deliver a playful visual combination whilst also ensuring optimal versatility for all your stationery storage requirements.

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