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Whilst it might be galling to think about servicing your bike with a butler when you don’t have one, this isn’t along the lines of Jeeves bringing cups of tea to your bicycle. The Bike Butler from Vadolibero is a great means of storing your bike in your home and unlike other forms of bike storage, the Bike Butler does more than just store your bike – it boasts plenty of other storage options that cyclists and homeowners alike are sure to appreciate.

The Bike Butler from Vadolibero is described as the most intuitive and smartest bike stand ever (a fairly grand claim but one it does back up) and it offers cyclists a much more functional and stylish means of storing their bike in their home.

This fantastic looking construct is free-standing with a tube base so there’s no need to hang it on the wall like other bike stands and by taking up just 30cm by 60cm, the Bike Butler provides ample storage space for your various pocket detritus that you’ll likely to grab before hoping on your bike each morning. Check out a few more shots below:








Crafted from multi-layered birch with a natural opaque veneer, birch wood poles, natural rubber mat, pad and wheel strap and a silver varnished iron tube-shaped base, the Bike Butler is definitely going to improve the aesthetic appeal of the area which you choose to deploy it and if, like us, you’re the disorganised sort, it is sure to make your morning routine go much smoother.

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