Billy Tannery Goat Leather Goods

We’ve written about our fair share of leather goods here on the pages of The Coolector but, to our knowledge, none that have been crafted with goat leather. Well, all that’s about to change now we’ve come across (albeit lamentably late in their Kickstarter campaign) an awesome British brand by the name of Billy Tannery and their superb selection of leather goods that any stylish man will appreciate.

There is a certain sense of refinement in well made leather goods and when you clasp eyes on the selection of Billy Tannery Leather Goods which are available for a remarkable price over on Kickstarter, you’ll wonder where this brilliant purveyor of great looking EDC has been all your life. These British leather goods have a mighty unique backstory and they are reviving local knowledge to turn what is traditionally a wasted by-product into vegetable tanned kid leather goods that we can all enjoy.

Trailblazing Spirit

There is an awful lot to be impressed with so far as Billy Tannery is concerned and they are, in fact, the first British kid leather company on the market and the calibre of their wares made from goat leather really is second to none and they have left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ. On the back of building the UK’s first ever goat leather micro-tannery they were able to launch their first rate Kickstarter campaign which is positively chock full of excellent leather goods for today’s modern man.

It is important to us that leather goods are made ethically here at The Coolector and that’s something which is certainly true of Billy Tannery as, through a close relationship with Cabrito, they are able to trace each goat used for leather back to the farm where it came from to ensure its ethical treatment. It is the quality of the leather goods on offer from Billy Tannery that truly sets it apart, however, and their small batch, vegetable tanning process helps to guarantee leather that is distinctive and which will age wonderfully well.

Regardless of the sort of leather goods you’re after, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill with the range on offer from Billy Tannery over on Kickstarter now. Be it a cardholder, briefcase or backpack that you find yourself most in need of over the next few months, you’re not going to find any leather goods that are as aesthetically accomplished and impeccably crafted as these superb pieces from the UK’s first goat leather tannery.

Style for Miles

The diversity of the range and the calibre of the craftsmanship are both features that will make Billy Tannery one of your new favourite brands when it comes to leather goods. Their understated, functional and stylish card holder is the perfect addition to any man’s everyday carry line up and if you find yourself planning adventures this summer and autumn, their excellent looking goat leather backpack has got you covered.

We’re big fans of brands that dare to be different and innovate in what are incredibly competitive industries and this is unquestionably an accolade that can be applied to Billy Tannery and their spiffing selection of leather goods. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen (and to be honest, it’s impossible not to have done), you’ll need to move quickly to pick up any of their cracking wares for a bargain price as their Kickstarter campaign is winding down into its last few hours. You know what you need to do!

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