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The camping season is well and truly upon us all now and if you’re currently in the planning phase of a trip into the great outdoors, chances are you’ll want to be getting your various bits of gadgetry sorted and, with this in mind, a new Kickstarter project from the chaps at BioLite called the BaseLantern is likely to sit close to the top of your must have list when you consider its capabilities.

The BioLite BaseLantern is a first class light source for camping trips but is also so much more than that courtesy of the fact that it harnesses the capabilities of your smartphone technology to produce an accessory which is a good deal more functional and versatile than the average light source. The BioLite BaseLantern is billed as being the world’s first flatpack, connected lantern and it¬†combines breakthrough edge-lighting with Bluetooth connectivity to bring you a portable lighting solution that doubles as your own miniature smartgrid – which basically means it’s perfect for any planned camping trips.

With a highly impressive level of portability and a lightweight structure, the BioLite BaseLantern won’t cause you any storage problems when it comes to camping trips and you’ll be thoroughly impressed with all the functions it can carry out in conjunction with your smartphone. This includes the ability to illuminate large areas with its powerful lighting solution, the ability to project numerous different colours to change up the vibe at the campsite and a USB charging port for helping to keep your other gadgets juiced. Check out some more shots below:










Sleeping under the stars in glorious wilderness terrains is a pretty gratifying experience in its own right but it is made all the more enjoyable when you’re able to use various bits of technology to enhance the experience and the BioLite BaseLatern is certainly a bit of kit that will make for a party atmosphere this spring and summer. If you want to get your hands on this cracking bit of tech, there is still plenty of time to bag one for a bargain price over on Kickstarter.

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