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Detroit is, without doubt, America’s spiritual (and once actual) home of manufacturing  due to it being the birthplace of the Ford motor vehicle but, lamentably, “Motor City” as it is warmly referred to is increasingly on the wane as economic hardships take a strangle-hold of the city.

However, all is not lost courtesy of excellent manufacturers like Shinola who have shown a steely spirit and a steadfast refusal to accept that Detroit is a city destined for the scrap-heap. This manufacturer of watches and, latterly bicycles (but we’ll get onto that shortly), made the highly admirable (though many said questionable) decision to move their manufacturing endeavours to the East Coast and, in particular, to Detroit.

America was once the darling of the manufacturing world but, for all sort of reasons, this is no longer the case and the majority of goods manufactured for use in the United States weren’t actually crafted there. Shinola are entirely unwilling to accept this and they have tasked themselves with creating hand-made goods of impeccable quality – and where better to do this than Detroit? Albeit they have been a little perturbed by the biting cold of Detroit over the two winters they have operated from the city.

Detroit is one of America’s most iconic cities but Shinola don’t want to celebrate the city’s past, they want to help secure its future and through their manufacturing of exemplary watches, bikes and accessories, they are drawing attention to the once booming city of Detroit.

It is the Bixby Bicyle that has caught our eye here at The Coolector and when you see just how breathtakingly well it has been put together, it will be extremely indicative of why Shinola, and their array of hand-crafted goods, are held in such high esteem across the United States (and beyond). Check out some pictures of the Bixby Bicycle from Shinola below:


The Bixby Bicycle doesn’t just look the part, it is also made from some mightily impressive materials. It boasts a nimble, geometric frame and a Shimano 3-speed internal hub. The steel frame is USA made and purpose built for smooth urban riding in both dry and wet conditions. The Bixby is patently an awesome bike. You know it, I know it and Shinola certainly know it (because they crafted it) and it is made all the more special by the fact it was forged on the streets of Detroit where the American love affair with manufacturing really first began.

Price – $1,950 – Find the Bixby Bike online at SHINOLA.

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