Black Ember SHADOW Waterproof Backpack

Adventure ready gear is the stock and trade of some brands and that’s certainly true of American brand, Black Ember. This is evidenced by their latest release over on Kickstarter – the fantastic looking SHADOW Waterproof Backpack which is a contemporary pack which has been purpose built to fit your life while protecting your essentials wherever your adventures may take you.

Minimalistic, stealthy design is the order of the day with the awesome looking SHADOW Waterproof Backpack from Black Ember over on Kickstarter. This superbly versatile accessory has taken the crowdfunding platform by storm and it’s not hard to see why when you realise you can get your hands on one of these packs for just $149 during the campaign. If you’re looking for your next adventure ready carry that is as functional and stylish as they come, look no further.

Revolutionary Performance

Billed as the new standard in waterproof, minimal pack design, the SHADOW Waterproof Backpack from Black Ember ticks all our boxes here at The Coolector. Available in a couple of different sizes to suit your carry needs, this backpack is all about delivering the ultimate in adventure ready performances and if you’re familiar with Black Ember you know all their gear is synonymous with quality.

All the bags and accessories from Black Ember are designed and produced using techniques pioneered in their state of the art development facility and the brilliant SHADOW Waterproof Backpack (from $149) on Kickstarter is no exception. Laser-cutters, computer controlled sewing machines, CNC-cut aluminium tools, sonic welding,  and high pressure bonding come together to create their brilliantly unique backpack designs.

Each SHADOW Backpack is laser cut from our latest performance textile: HTX. This Waterproof Nylon Crossweave effortlessly combines exceptional robustness with a sporty, contemporary visual impact. This wonderfully versatile carry from Black Ember features YKK Aquaguard zippers and the brand’s proprietary BOND-STITCH™ construction -which work together to keep your EDC essentials and tech dry.

Rapid Access Design

In the fast access pocket, your smartphone is happily charging away whilst your keys, wallet, and more are easily accessible – welcome to the functional world of the SHADOW Backpack. It unzips completely with everything laid out in front of you and on the inside you’ll find suspended Laptop and tablet sleeves, robust mesh pockets and a water bottle pocket.

Simply grab the magnetic buckle to release the built-in Tech-kit and with an impressive six separate pockets, the tech-kit helps to keep you organised. Black Ember’s laser etched hypalon zipper-pulls lock together with a snap for a pleasingly tactile experience. Available for under $150 during the Kickstarter campaign, we’ll definitely be taking advantage of that pricing here at Coolector HQ.

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