Blaze Tower

Cooking outside is always great fun. Whilst winter might not be the best time to consider it, it’s never too early to start adding things to your wish list for 2017 and for any outdoor cooking enthusiast, you’re certainly going to want to get your hands on one of these excellent looking Blaze Towers which are a combination of a fire pit and grill but delivers the best of both to provide the ultimate outdoor essential.


Blaze Towers are a brand operating out of Kansas, USA, and their American made products have definitely caught our eye at The Coolector given our unhealthy preoccupation with home cooked burgers and other delicious meats and this very much looks to be the ideal ally in accomplishing any cookout goals you’ve got for 2017 and beyond.

Blaze of Glory

Bold and beautifully designed, these great looking Blaze Towers are going to make the perfect back yard addition for any man that has a penchant for BBQs and craft beers at the weekend and will provide first class performance in cooking your food just the way you like it. Blaze Towers are precision cut from heavy duty 3/16” American Steel – which is something to be impressed by as it’s over 3 times thicker than cheap import alternatives.



A Blaze Tower is designed to last a lifetime in the great outdoors, and will age naturally over time in the way that only steel can for a construct of some considerable aesthetic excellence. The top notch build quality delivers the sort of product you’ll be proud to display in your outdoor space but it’s not just for looking at, of course, you’ll definitely be able to get your cook on with a Blaze Tower too.


Cleverly designed to channel the smoke upwards instead of across you and your garden, the Blaze Tower is filled with nice design touches which make it even more of an impressive product in our eyes here at Coolector HQ. American made and robust as they come, we’re in little doubt there will be plenty of men looking to get their hands on one of these before BBQ season rolls around again.

Tame the Flame

With a dual fuel fire pit which acts as a double duty charcoal grill and smoker for a first rate cooking experience. The Blaze Tower comes with a Cooking Kit which includes a slotted 3/16” steel grilling rack, removable doors, vent louvres to control airflow, removable charcoal basket and a meat hanging rack. The holy trinity for any carnivore.

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We love well made, versatile and robust products like the Blaze Tower here at Coolector HQ and any men that love the freedom of cooking outdoors with a craft beer or two will certainly appreciate everything that this American made construct has to offer. Two thumbs up from us at The Coolector.

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