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It’s been a little while since we’ve featured an apparel brand on the pages of The Coolector and, in a departure from the norm, it’s not one heralding from the good old US of A on this occasion. STAG (which stands for Stand Tall Amongst Giants) Clothing herald from our own backyard in Oxfordshire, UK, and they boast a mighty impressive of typography inspired clothing that will be just the ticket this autumn and winter.


Founded back in 2012 by three friends, STAG Clothing have an ethos very much aligned with our own here at Coolector HQ insomuch as they claimed to be fuelled by copious amounts of craft beer and, whatever drives them, they should keep it up because the quality of their wares is second to none and their line up boasts plenty of tees and sweaters that we’ll be looking to get our hands on in the not too distant future.

Typography Tastes

We make no secret of our love of typography and illustration inspired apparel here at Coolector HQ and the excellent array of clothing to be found at STAG caters to both these tastes extremely well. The design process adopted by STAG Clothing sets the brand apart from their competition and their dedication to delivering awesomeness is commendable.



The vast majority of the designs and collections from STAG Clothing are crafted and finished in house which isn’t something often seen with most of today’s apparel purveyors. The diversity and superb array of clothing that the brand has to choose from definitely sets them apart in our opinion and it’s great to see a UK brand delivering the sort of apparel we typically only see from the States and for any man looking to add a few more essentials to their wardrobes over the next couple of months, you’ll find plenty of candidates on the STAG Clothing online store.


Effortlessly cool and wonderfully well designed and crafted, the fantastic selection of apparel from the guys at STAG Clothing is certainly up our street at The Coolector and it is refreshing to see a brand putting quality over quantity in their design and manufacturing endeavours.

Quality Wares

Crafting  quality custom made products is the overriding objective of STAG Clothing and after spending a few minutes on their site, you’ll come to realise they’ve accomplished this objective with some considerable aplomb. Whether it’s T-shirts, jackets, sweaters or outerwear that you’re after this autumn and winter, they’ll unquestionably has something that fits the bill and with so many different pieces to choose from, you’ll be sure to find just the right apparel for your own personal style.



As we say, we’ve certainly got our own tastes when it comes to apparel – and typography is invariably always involved – so it was inevitable that we were going to love the wares from STAG Clothing right from the get-go. We’re pretty sure we’re not going to be alone in loving this brand’s striving for excellence and first class clothing and hope to see a few pieces from their various collections under our Christmas tree in a month or so’s time.

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