Though stealth is a characteristic we seldom need to exhibit at GPMD towers, this isn’t to say that we aren’t impressed when we encounter sleuth-esque goods that, typically, would fly under the radar given their undercover style appearance but when they are impressive as these BLCKCHRM by Chrome Industries, they are simply too good to be ignored.

The quality of these impressive pieces speaks for itself and they are built to last – a lifetime in fact, according to their creators – and this exceptionally cool looking BLCKCHRM series of bags and carries will definitely appeal to those who want to exhibit an understated cool – something that these pieces undeniably do. The chaps behind this array of carries is an eclectic bunch, made up of designers, photographers, musicians and athletes who all add elements to the finished products that they produce and, as you can plainly see, it is a good combination because the BLCKCHRM series looks devilishly dapper indeed.

Crafted from materials that are built to last and have durability at the core, the BLCKCHRM array of bags and accessories have Hypalon on the exterior which is the chief  reason that they are so resilient to the elements. The resilience of these brutish bags doesn’t end there, however, as the interiors are equally as adept at battling all that the elements can throw at them as they are lined with military grade tarpaulin which, as you would expect, is a decidedly resilient material. Check out some shots of the BLCKCHRM below:

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Price: $200+

Available: Chrome Industries.

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