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One of the chief desires that people will want from their technology in the future is undoubtedly that of adaptability insomuch as we want our devices to work for us and be conducive to our lifestyle and it is for that reason that we have been left impressed with the offerings from Block Wearables at the CES 2015 event and the gadget to have caught our eye is unquestionably that of their Smart Watch which is modular and can be modified in almost infinite ways to suit the wearer.

The Blocks Wearables Smart Watch boasts an open platform system which lends itself to a really impressive level of customisation, which will appeal to those technology enthusiasts who want a smart watch device which isn’t limited by the company who have crafted it. This customisable smart watch has certainly garnered a lot of attention at CES 2015 for its approach to making a device that gives the consumer exactly what they want and we’re thoroughly impressed with its purported capabilities here at Coolector HQ.

Upon release, the Blocks Wearable Smart Watch will be available in either e-ink or LED screen and has been purpose built to offer better performances depending on the hardware modules you choose to utilise. There are plenty of features that are going to be offered with this superb looking device including the likes of cameras, longer lasting batteries, gesture controls, fingerprint scanners and with potential for GPS and fitness tracking capabilities. Feast your eyes on a few more shots below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]




Modular design is becoming increasingly prevalent in technology of late and devices like the Blocks Wearables Smart Watch are testament to what can be achieved using this approach – a watch that is truly tailored to your requirements and can offer all the functionality you could possibly need. Whilst this spectacular gadgetry may be a little way off yet, that won’t stop us getting excited about it here at Coolector HQ and we’ll be first in line when it does eventually hit the shelves.

Price: $TBC

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