A Registry of Life & Death in Sons of Anarchy Print


There are plenty of television shows that we feel we’ve missed the boat on here at Coolector HQ and the rather excellent looking Sons of Anarchy is chief amongst them. It is for that reason then that we’ve taken the decision to ruin it for ourselves by choosing to cover this rather awesome looking A Registry of Life & Death in Sons of Anarchy Print which, as the name suggests, chronicles the deaths of each character in the hit show and how they ultimately met their, likely, grisly demise.

Sons of Anarchy is now on its 7th season and if you’re intending to get into the show in the future then we thoroughly recommend not reading any further because this excellent print from Under Consideration goes into great detail in explaining the deaths of any characters in the show. For fans of the show, who are up to date with the death count, there will be few better prints for your wall than this striking and informative offering and we dare say there will be plenty of aficionados aiming to get their hands on one sooner rather than later. Take a look at a few more shots of the print below:







We’re hoping that, as we’ve purposely tried not to pay too close attention to the logistics and facts of this print that we can still watch Sons of Anarchy at some point in the future and still be visually impressed with both the eye-catching aesthetic and attention to detail that this excellent piece of televisual artwork has to offer.

Measuring 18′ x 24′ inches, this print is certainly no shrinking violet and will make a rather impressive focal point in your home or office. Printed in Texas, USA, and made using the finest materials, this is definitely one print that will stand the test of time. Simply too good to ignore for any fans of Sons of Anarchy.

Price: $30

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