Blood and Bolts Birch Collection

Blood and Bolts are no strangers to the pages of The Coolector so when we became aware that they’ve just released a new selection of awesome T-shirts, it goes without saying that we sat up and took notice. Their latest collection of fantastically crafted and styled T-shirts goes by the Birch Collection and after getting to know it through the excellent imagery, we can confirm that it’s got two firm thumbs up from us once again.

This first rate purveyor of T-shirts and accessories is somewhat of a favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ and there is something about their understated, outdoor-style T-shirts that appeals to our sensibilities and we’re glad to see that their Birch Collection is more of the same because if something is not broke, there’s no point trying to fix it.

With summer rapidly approaching, the weather is beginning to play ball a bit more now and it is, dare I say, almost T-shirt weather here in the UK now and for anyone perusing the latest lookbook from Blood and Bolts, it will have you hankering for days of adventure over the coming months. Take a look at a few of the brilliant looking T-shirts which make up their latest collection below:







As you can see, there is a supremely cool undercurrent pervading through all of Blood and Bolts’ Birch Collection and it is perfect fodder for the impending warmer months.

We love brands who really make their mark with their branding and ensure that the craftsmanship of their wares is as good as it can be and these are both areas in which Blood and Bolts excel. Their Birch Collection looks, as we would have expected, awesome and we can’t wait to get our hands on some in time for our own summer adventures.

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