Bluebeard’s Revenge Shaving Gear

bluebeards revenge

Pirates were invariably beardy types and this is, perhaps, one of the main reasons behind the moniker for the “ultimate in shaves for real men”, Bluebeard’s Revenge. This UK based men’s grooming company have, in the eyes of The Coolector, one of the coolest names in the industry and, in the eyes of anyone who tries their products seemingly, amongst the very best in shaving gear and skincare products.

Shaving is a bit of an artform truth be told. Sure, we’ve all shaved quickly when we’re running late for work but to really appreciate the art of shaving you need two things. Time being one. The right equipment being the other. Well, Bluebeard’s Revenge cannot get involved in your time management but they can certainly help you out with the equipment side of things with their top notch range of razors, including the mightily impressive Scimitar razor, and their impeccable array of shaving creams and brushes.

We’re partial to a nice shave here at The Coolector (despite our paucity of facial hair in general) and we’re definitely impressed with the fine selection of wares to be discovered on Bluebeard’s Revenge’s treasure trove of a website.

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