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Jeans are a style staple for men. When you find a pair that fits just right and looks just right, you’ve got a friend for life in the brand responsible for crafting them. Well, prepare to say hello to your new best friend in the shape of Bluer Denim because their men’s jeans are incomparable in the quality stakes and if you’ve long been on the search for your next pair of day to day jeans, you can call off the hunt because, trust us, you’ve just found them.

Bluer Denim are a brand with fashion responsibility at their core. In fact, they first came to be as a result of the brand’s owner seeing shirts being made under abusive conditions using carcinogenic chemicals and sold at rock bottom prices so that a bunch of marketers could fling them out of t-shirt cannons and so that we all could throw them away. They wanted to do things differently. So they did. And Bluer Denim was born. A brand with a conscious.

Breaking Cycle of Fast Fashion

So called fast fashion is a scourge for our environment and it takes brands like Bluer Denim to do things differently and help break this cycle and that makes them pretty great in our book here at Coolector HQ. Not to mention the fact that their jeans look awesome as well, of course. Bluer had overcome the problems of making jeans that look and feel good and have a positive environmental impact at the same time – something seldom accomplished in the past.

We’re not talking about jeans you can hike in — there are no shortage of companies that make those. We’re talking about the sort of jeans that you would buy because they look ace on their own, and then (as an added bonus) you discover that they are also carbon-neutral, made in factories that treat people kindly, and crafted using materials that are recycled and sustainably made. Win, win all round we’d say.

Moving onto the jeans themselves shows just how dedicated Bluer Denim are to getting the fit and aesthetics of their men’s jeans just right. The jeans from Bluer Denim are available in both a classic straight and modern slim fit so you’ll be able to find a pair that matches your own style sensibilities and they are some of the most stylish and comfortable on the market right now.

Material Matters

As you would expect from such an environmentally conscious brand, a lot of thought has gone into the materials used to construct the jeans from Bluer Denim. Each pair has been made from the last batches of American-made selvage denim from Cone Mills White Oak plant and this provides a real tangible sense of quality to proceedings. Bluer’s jeans are designed for men who don’t chase trends, but do care about the way they look and this shines through every time you put them on in the morning.

We’re big fans of responsible brands like Bluer Denim here at Coolector HQ and when they combine this eco-consciousness with generally excellent apparel, it’s hard not to be won over entirely. For any man after a new pair of jeans in time for Christmas, you’ll just not find this sort of quality elsewhere and we’ll certainly be looking to rock a pair of Bluer in 2020, that’s for sure.

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