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It goes without saying our world is a little different now that it was just a few short months ago and people are becoming increasingly conscious of the spread of bacteria. That’s why there’s a Kickstarter project by the name of NUDGE, which is an EDC (everyday carry) tool, that might just be your new best friend on a pandemic planet. Small but perfectly formed, we dare say a lot of people will look to add this accessory to their EDC line up over the next few months.

The NUDGE EDC Tool on Kickstarter negates the need to touch all sorts of surfaces and, thereby, lessen the likelihood of spreading or catching any infections. It is antimicrobial and crafted from pure copper and is the ideal non touch hygienic helper for handles, switches, ATM machines and much more. Priced at just £13 during the campaign (40% off the RRP), this is a small price to pay for helping to stop the spread of infection.

A Nudge in the Right Direction

It’s important that when the lockdown restrictions, people are more careful and think more about how easily the Corona infection has spread and that’s why accessories like this NUDGE EDC Tool should be a mainstay of your pocket carry for the foreseeable future. The NUDGE is born from the fact we come into contact with an astonishing amount of items and surfaces throughout the course of a normal day. Many of which have been touched by hundreds if not thousands of people before you but with this devilishly simple piece of EDC, this will no longer be an issue.

The NUDGE EDC Tool on Kickstarter (from £13) is purpose built to reduce the physical contact of surfaces and spread of bacteria while performing everyday tasks. Copper was chosen as the material as it has inherent antimicrobial properties with the ability to kill 99·9% of pathogenic bacteria within two hours. Needless to say, this doesn’t guarantee it won’t harbour bacteria but it will be infinitely more hygienic than touching the surfaces with your own hands.

NUDGE is highly versatile can be utilised on everyday items instead of touching them with your bare hands. Things includes things like door handles, light switches, door bells, elevator buttons, ATM machines, bank card readers, drawers, pull cords, trains/buses, public toilets, keyboards, phone/tablet stylus, communal fridge/microwave, parking meters, soap dispensers to name but a few.

Multi-Functional Design

This clever piece of EDC isn’t just a great means of avoiding touching surfaces, it has other features as well and chief amongst them (in our opinion at least) is the fact it can be used as a bottle opener as well for liberating those craft beers. Each order on Kickstarter comes with a free, branded retractable key reel to store it whilst on the go.

Priced at a mere £13 during the Kickstarter campaign, we’re pretty sure a lot of people will be drawn to the benefits of the NUDGE EDC Tool and will add it to their line up of accessories for the coming months. If you’re after an affordable, versatile and striking piece of EDC with the overriding objective of helping lessen the spread of infection, look no further than NUDGE.

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